Dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of two countries. Canada allows people to have dual citizenship. But, dual citizenship may be illegal in some countries where a person holds citizenship. This can make traveling with dual citizenship for the citizens of such countries. 

If you have dual citizenship and you want to travel to a country where you have citizenship, the local authorities can decline to allow you access to the consular services of Canada. Canadian travelers are required to obey the rules and laws of the countries they visit. A dual citizen can be subjected to the local laws that other travelers might not. For instance, a dual citizen can be required to pay certain taxes in a destination country or register for specific military service. 

Before Traveling 

If you live in Canada and you want to travel to the country for which you hold the other citizenship, it’s important to contact the consulate embassy of that country. That way, you will know the specific requirements you are required to meet. As such, you will reduce the difficulties and risks that you and family members can face when traveling there. There are also online platforms that provide country-specific information regarding dual citizenship. 

Traveling Through Canada 

If you hold dual citizenship, you need a valid passport to transit through or board a flight in Canada. Therefore, carry two passports when traveling through or to Canada. Having a valid Canadian passport is the best way to avoid missed flights or delays. 

It’s important to note that travelers with American-Canadian dual citizenship with valid U.S passports don’t require Canadian passports to travel to Canada. Nevertheless, they still need appropriate identification and must meet all basic requirements to be allowed entry into Canada. 

Electronic screening by the Canadian government enhances border security while boosting travelers’ control. Canada-bound passengers have their travel documents scanned automatically during the flight check-ins. This verifies their identity.