Easy Ways to Earn a Living While Traveling

Easy Ways to Earn a Living While Traveling

Gone are the days when traveling only involved huge spending. In this age, there are several ways through which you can make money while traveling. That will no doubt give you so much flexibility in terms of what to see and do since money is constantly coming in. The following are easy ways to earn a living while traveling that you should check out. 

Teaching English in Foreign Countries 

Many countries around the world are constantly looking for English teachers. Considering that English if your first language, teaching it as a second language to others should not be a problem. With a degree in ESL, you can easily find many opportunities to teach and earn while also experiencing different cultures. 

Organic Farm Work 

The World Wide Organization of Organic Farms offers accommodations and meals to volunteers in various parts of the world in exchange for work. The work mainly involves farming activities and only takes place for about 4 to 6 hours a day. That gives you ample time to experience different destinations without financial burdens. 

Working in Hotels 

Many hotels across the world usually offer seasonal jobs that you can also take up to make money while traveling. The most common positions include hotel clerks, waitresses and waiters, room keepers and catering. Apart from the paid accommodation and meals, you also get to meet other travelers and experience unique cultures. 

Freelance Jobs 

One of the benefits of freelancing is that you can always work from wherever you are and at any time. As a result, it allows you to travel at your convenience, provided you are making enough money to support your travel needs. Many freelance jobs can easily be done on the road. They include online marketing, copywriting, and photography. 

Other notable ways to earn a living when traveling that you should also try include house sitting, travel guide and working in cruise ships. With an open mind, you can easily make a lot of money on the road to support your current and future trips around the world. 

Common Family Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Common Family Travel Mistakes to Avoid

A family trip is supposed to be enjoyable and full of cherished memories. However, this can be ruined by not avoid the following common travel mistakes.

Last Minute Booking of Hotels

Waiting to book your hotel the last minute might make you desperate for rooms, this could make hotels to charge you more. Moreover, you may find the kind of rooms other family members preferred to have, already booked. This will inconvenience you and your stay will not be enjoyable.

Trying to Do everything in One day

When you travel alone, it’s easy to visit many places and fix many activities within a day. However, with kids, you have to slow down and let them take their time. Children are more curious and need more time to digest new experiences.

Traveling Without Insurance

The worst thing you can do is exposing your family to unnecessary risks. Traveling involves many possibilities that can ruin your trip. For instance, newborns could get severe food allergies, flights get canceled, or luggage gets lost. To avoid ruining your itinerary, it’s wise to get the right insurance coverage and travel with some assurance.

Failing to Get Travel Vaccines

Traveling to exotic destinations can expose your family to health problems, thus the need to get vaccinated. Book appointments with the family doctor in good time to avoid last-minute rush and delays. Consider bringing mosquito repellants and nets, if you are going somewhere with malaria.

Avoiding Direct Flights

Though they are not always an option, direct flights are more convenient when you have a larger group. It might cost more, but you avoid the hassle of dealing with connecting flights and possible delays.

Don’t Forget Basic Essentials

During the trip, you might get inconvenienced by lack of things that seem petty like, nail clippers, Band-Aids, sunscreen, sunglasses, and batteries. These are simple things that can make or ruin a trip, though they seem trivial.

Take time to make a full itinerary and a thorough list of what you’ll need. Avoid the above mistakes to make family trips more enjoyable.

A Guide for Traveling when Broke

A Guide for Traveling when Broke

Regardless of your interests in preferences, the world is filled with endless attractions for every traveler. And, you do not have to spend huge sums of money to get the most fulfilling travel experience. The following guidelines can help you to get the most of every trip without any financial burden. 

Have a Flexible Travel Plan 

Airfares and accommodations usually account for the largest percentage of travel expenses. The good news is that airfares and hotel rates do vary based on the seasons. As a result, traveling against the clock or when most people are at home can help you get cheap airfares and hotel rates. Today, there are various travel apps that you can use to determine when most airlines and hotels offer cheap rates. 

Make Money on the Road 

Savvy travelers know there are lots of alternatives for making money while traveling that you can also adopt. Some of the common ways of making money on the road include teaching English, working in organic farms, travel guides, hotel clerks, house sitting and environmental work. They mostly offer accommodation and food in exchange for work. 

Use Flier-Miles 

Many airlines today allow passengers to collect points each time they travel. The more you travel, the more points you will be able to collect. You can later redeem the points or flier-miles to cover for airfares. For short trips, you can even fly free if you have accumulated enough flier-miles. 

Consider Staying in a Hostel 

Staying in hostels when traveling can also be a great way of saving up on the costs of accommodation. Modern hostels are cheaper and, also provide amenities for travelers like swimming pools, restaurants and bars, internet, laundry services, and private rooms. 

Opt for Public Transport 

Instead of taxis or car hire, use public trains and buses to save more on transportation costs. In some cases, you will find that public transport is even more convenient than taxis. 

Financial constraints should not prevent you from traveling. The above guide presents various options for traveling when broke that you can choose from to ensure fun trips around the world. 
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Top three tourist attractions in the world

Have you ever wondered between all the thousands of attractions all over the world, which ones are under the top three? That if you just got to see the top three tourist attractions of the world, which ones it would be? This is a question that many people are asking. What are the top three attractions between all the popular attractions in the world? This answer is according to statistics of the most visited tourist attractions.

Niagara Falls 

The Niagara Falls is located on the border between the USA and Canada. This is a waterfall that consists of three waterfalls of an astounding 6 million cubic feet of water gush over the falls every minute.

This might come as a surprise, but this is by far the one attraction that is getting the most tourists visits per year. There are about 30 million visitors that are visiting the Niagara Falls from both USA and Canada side each year. Making this the number one attraction in the world.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt, is a well-known and loved tourist attraction. In fact, this is the second most visited tourist attraction in the world.

With 14 million visits per year by tourists, this pyramid is the second most popular thing in the world. And, if you are looking for a great adventure, this is the perfect place to plan your next tourist destination too. 

The Great Wall of China

Considered as one of the most popular man-made constructions in the world, this is number three of the most visited and popular tourist destinations in the world. 

People are coming from all over to visit the Great Wall of China and to walk on it as far as possible.  The wall stretches over 13,000 miles and more than 10 million tourists are walking on the wall each year. With the great history behind the wall, this is a great holiday destination and will teach you a lot about China.

The Niagara Falls, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great wall of China. The top three tourist attractions in the world. It might come as a surprise because many might think that there are other attractions that are a lot more popular than these three. But statistics have shown that these three attractions are getting the most tourists per year. Making them the most popular attractions in the world to visit.